Montessori Parts of Speech: Grammar Stamps

A couple months back, I scored a free (with postage) set of grammar stamps from one of the Montessori resell groups. The stamps had apparently seen a lot of use love over the years. I think they normally retail around $30 new from Alison’s, but I can’t resist a good bargain.

Actually, a lot of people passed on these since they didn’t stamp the shapes well; they were in desperate need of a little refurb action. I’ve never restored stamps before, but that didn’t stop me. We were up for the challenge.

We sanded.

I painted.

Instead of rubber, I glued a bit of thick, black foam with Gorilla glue. Works for me!

FYI, nail polish remover does a decent job getting super glue off your fingers, should you happen to be klutzy like me.

Still in need of a glossy protectant coating, but progress is being made.

I’m really proud of how these guys turned out!

The ink pad above is from Usborne books, but I found one on Amazon that has all of the needed colors, gold, pink and black of course.

That’s on my list to purchase next! We still have a little ways before the kids are writing out sentences and stamping with these, but I literally JUST ordered the Waseca Grammar boxes. I am getting really excited about introducing this work to the kids. My grammar may not always be perfect, but I still really enjoy it. I like to think of myself as not just an English major but a Grammar nerd.😆

I’ve got quite a few more Timberdoodle reviews to jump on, but we have been enjoying the holiday chaos (plus doctor appointments, a 5th birthday and an 11th year anniversary for this household). Josie (my 22q kiddo with special needs) has a fairly major surgery Jan 9th, so I am in the pre-surgery mental fog until we get out of the hospital mid month. Prayers much appreciated for that. Otherwise my New Years resolutions are to eat better and to write down the blog posts I plan mentally in my head. Happy New Year!

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