“Draw and Learn Faces” Preschool Workbook Review

Today we’re reviewing a cute preschool workbook, Draw and Learn Faces. This beginner workbook is perfect for any tiny tot ready to yield a writing tool.

At first I thought maybe my four-year-old would be a little too old for this work, but he loved it. Really anything that is his own that the big girls don’t use is his favorite.

What I like is Draw and Learn Faces really fosters a sense of independence. That’s what we’re all about around these parts — a solid stretch of time where he is working on fine motor and improving dexterity all by his big boy self — and he has no clue because it’s so engaging. Plus, Mom can independently pop into the kitchen and drink coffee while it’s still warm. Both huge wins in my book.

Working hard on that pencil grip.

Fully engaged! Go kid go.

Ultimately I think this is a sweet workbook that would suit a three to four year old beautifully; I wouldn’t hesitate to try it with a precocious toddler who shows interest. Add in that it’s fantastically portable and would be great for a car trip, I declare this activity book a winner!

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Be sure to check out the rest of Timberdoodle’s Preschool curriculum kit. It’s super cute, and my favorite bundle they offer.

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