June Math Shelves

In order to keep tabs on what the kids are working on month to month in a more organized manner, I’m going to start a new series of monthly posts that give a sneak peak into our classroom shelf work.

June 2017

Mike’s “Math 1” shelf  (for my four-year-old, optional extra review work for my seven and eight-year-olds)

The girls’ Math Shelf 2 and 3 (of which they must complete one item from each area):

And for another look, I attempted a video — though please forgive me: Josie had her 6 month heart check up today and we drove 4 hours all in terrible, thunder-storming weather. My brain needs a rest from today!

And that’s that for our June Math Work. I’ll switch out the bulk of it in July. Stay tuned for a Language shelf post later this week.

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