Haba Palette of Pegs: Timberdoodle Review

We’re officially back to school this week! I promise more blog posts are coming!

Today we’re looking at the very colorful, super-quality, wooden Palette of Pegs from Haba. They are stunning.

Don’t you just want to play?

My preschooler couldn’t wait. We combined them with a couple other lovely, wooden materials we have too (Grimm’s Annual Calendar and our traditional Montessori 3rd color box of tablets). This vivid work kept my four-year-old captivated for over an hour.

Look at all the exploration ideas to be had! *Brace yourself: photo dump coming*


Are these toys made out of sunshine and magic? Probably not. But maybe because that’s how much fun we had during playtime today. Or should I say during work for “play is the work of the child!”

Overall I highly recommend purchasing this set of Haba Palette of Pegs so you and your child can have fun like we did. Because they are high-quality, durable and made from solvent-free paint, I think these pegs would be perfect for toddler-age on up. Be sure to check out the Tiny Tots 2017 Curriculum from Timberdoodle.

Timberdoodle is such a unique, neat company with a great rewards program. (I’m all about the free Family Fun magazine subscriptions!!) Definitely check them out if you haven’t already. I don’t get any affiliate-action, but I did receive this set of pegs to review for free, and my review is 100% my own opinion (as if anyone could stop that from happening). 😉

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